Where to sleep in Rome

Tourist accommodation in Rome: various options for all budgets
Choosing to organize a trip to the Italian capital is certainly a good way to switch off and let yourself be swept away by the architectural wonders of the city.
Rome, indeed, is not only the capital of Italy but also that of culture and history, as well as the homeland of Christianity par excellence.
Timeless fascination, architectural grandeur, evocative atmosphere and warm welcome are just some of the prerogatives of this extraordinary location, which is not by chance peacefully included among the most beautiful in the world.
Nevertheless, once you have chosen the days of your stay, there is doubt about where to stay. Hotels, residences, guest houses, B&Bs, holiday homes and much more await tourists every day of the year.
Rome, indeed, is also the city of opportunities where it is easy to find hotels that offer many services, comfort, and cleanliness and above all, that are designed for all budgets.
Here are some possible solutions, taking into account the strategic points of the city, in order to facilitate ease of travel to reach the main monuments. The selection includes not only low-cost possibilities, but also exclusive locations aimed at the most demanding travelers who pay no attention to expenses.

Overnight at the Sisters near the Vatican
Rome is rich in structures that are * run by nuns *. These are particularly hospitable and clean places, ideal for those wishing to experience a holiday of serenity and relaxation.
Perfect for singles, couples and groups of families, the vast majority of the hotels managed by the nuns arise in truly enviable positions, because they are located right near the Vatican, or close to the Museums and the Basilica of St. Peter, that are mandatory steps for those who go to Rome.
This means that historical monuments of rare beauty can be reached in just a few minutes by using the various means of transport, including buses, trams and Metro. The structures of the nuns that extend into the Vatican area are also particularly close to the Olympic stadium. Football fans and those wishing to attend concerts can reach it on foot, taking about 30 minutes.
The houses run by the nuns are wheelchair accessible; they include breakfast, in-room television, internet access and much more. Not all of them offer a private bathroom, so it is a good idea to check first.
In general, they apply daily rates that are not exorbitant but impose a return time that, as a rule, does not go beyond 11.30 p.m.

Staying overnight near the Spanish Steps
Included among the most famous and appreciated staircases in the world, Piazza di Spagna, with its 135 steps, is a fixed stop for those who decide to visit the capital. Built in the 18th Century, the staircase had the function of connecting the square with the Church of * Trinità dei Monti *. Today it is full of visitors, curious and simple passers-by who want to breathe the beauty of the city.
So why not stay overnight at a facility located between the streets that surround it, namely Via dei Condotti, Via Frattina or Via del Baubino? In this area, Rome offers many alternatives. There are many luxurious hotels that have a view directly over the extraordinary Barcaccia Fountain. Enriched by the characteristic suns, bees and symbols of the Bernini family the fountain was built in the 17th Century.
Undoubtedly, staying in Piazza di Spagna does not mean being in the heart of the city, but being able to count on all the services, including restaurants, shopping in the best shops and ease of travel. In the square, in fact, there is the Red Line A Metro Station, Spagna. Furthermore, just 500 meters away you can reach the Church of Santa Maria della Concezione, the Trevi Fountain, the Ara Pacis and Piazza Colonna. By choosing to stay in * Piazza di Spagna *, those who make art their main passion can also continue eastwards and easily reach the Keats-Shelley House. It is a picturesque place where you can admire sculptures, paintings, manuscripts and other works by the English poet John Keats, who arrived in Rome in the early 1800s and died of tuberculosis.

Staying overnight near Piazza Navona
Every corner of Rome expresses an undisputed charm but there are points that deserve a visit.
* Piazza Navona * is a clear example. It is a unique place that hosts a famous fountain designed by Bernini in the 17th century known as the Fountain of the Four Rivers.
Nile, Danube, Ganges and the Rio de la Plata thus frame the great obelisk that reaches a height of 16 meters and that every year registers millions of visits. Sleeping in a hotel in Piazza Navona means enjoying a breath-taking view and reaching tourist sites such as the Museum of Rome and the Palazzo Altemps easily. Unlike what you might think, the area does not only offer luxurious hotels, but accommodations that apply low-cost rates, as well as hostels with the possibility of choosing between a dormitory or a room with an independent bathroom.
We remind you that only 400 meters from the square it is possible to admire one of Rome’s masterpieces, namely the * Pantheon of A.D. 126 *, which is capable of leaving every visitor speechless because of its grandeur and perfect state of preservation.
Those who are looking for liveliness and vivacity, on the other hand, can enjoy a visit to Campo de ‘Fiori, teeming with bars and markets even in the evenings, in which you can let yourself be carried away by the typical Roman style.
The Piazza Navona area offers many hotels and holiday homes. There are also, comfortable B&B’s with cozy rooms located right next to Metro Line A (Red Line).