Rome neighborhoods: Camilluccia

Camilluccia is part of the XV zone of Rome, known as Vittoria. Camilluccia represents a green and peaceful corner that is not far from the slopes of Monte Mario. Vittoria zone is very elegant and began its development in 1910 with a predominantly residential vocation. The name is due to the victory achieved by Italy in the First World War. The roads and roundabouts are decorated with flowers and very well-kept flower beds, giving the idea of the importance of the zone. Via della Camilluccia and the neighboring streets are perfect for an afternoon stroll, moving between fairly busy and very refined shops and cafes. The zone is located north of the Prati zone and runs along the bend of the Tiber river, parallel to the Camilluccia area. The main arterial roads are spacious and allow easy access to the Lungotevere. La Camilluccia is located on the border with Trionfale and not far from the Insugherata Natural Reserve and the Inviolatella Borghese Park, among the largest green areas of the capital.
The grid-shaped area that draws the road network of Vittoria zone allows for easy orientation between the various blocks, in the center of which there is Piazza Mazzini. If you are looking for an area with good neighbor relations and where to make friends easily, Camilluccia is perfect for you. Houses, shops, local markets, businesses, churches and schools, among the best in Rome, make the area autonomous and there are not even many tourists due to the scarcity of monuments and attractions. The spaces are large and livable and it is very easy to fit, taking advantage of services designed on a human scale.

What to see
The living conditions in the Camilluccia area are particularly good, both because safety is guaranteed and because you can spend your free time enjoying different opportunities between nature and events. You can move on foot to the most exclusive zones of Parioli, Pincio and Prati. Among the buildings of the early 20th century there are those of more recent formation and several prestigious villas. The sixteenth-century Villa Madama, the fascist Palazzo della Farnesina, the buildings of the headquarters and of the RAI studios and several churches stand out in the neighborhood. Particularity known by few is the French Military Cemetery in Via dei Casali di Santo Spirito, a side street of Via della Camilluccia. You can get there by car or on foot, along a somewhat impervious road, going up towards Monte Mario. It makes a real plunge into the recent history of the world conflict, but above all it enjoys a quiet terrace with tree-lined avenues from which you can see splendid views of Rome. On the central Piazza Mazzini, instead, there is a shopping area. From the Camilluccia area, on foot, you can reach supermarkets, IT and electronics stores, clothing, furniture and accessories, all at your fingertips. Many commercial activities are also located on Viale delle Milizie, one of the streets on the border of the neighborhood.
In the zone of Camilluccia there is the famous Liceo Mamiani, famous for its neo-Baroque style and for its teaching standards, the University of Rome Foro Italico and the national Convitto Vittorio Emanuele II. Among the bridges connecting the town hall of Vittoria to the center stands Ponte Milvio, one of the most fascinating bridges of Rome, which has become a destination for tourists thanks to the numerous films where it appeared.

If your direction is the Vatican you can go on foot, but to reach other areas of the capital you can benefit from the various lines of Atac. All the rest of the city is within reach of public transport. Instead, Tram n.19 passes by Viale delle Milizie and takes you to the Vatican, Villa Borghese and Via Nomentana. The metro is a few steps away and, at Lepanto Metro Station the A Line allows you to quickly reach the Spanish Steps and Roma Termini train station.