Rome neighborhoods: San Paolo

Just behind the Tiber River and the ancient Aurelian Walls, the San Paolo zone belongs to the Ostiense zone, marked as the 10th, which also includes the area of the 8th Municipality of Rome, within the municipal territory known as Roma Capitale.
Located in the southern suburbs of Rome, San Paolo zone borders the Portuense zone, with Testaccio, with Ardeatino, with Europa and San Saba. Extended from the Magliana to Viale Marconi, San Paolo is among the liveliest and busiest neighborhoods in the Italian capital. Thanks to the presence of young university students, the neighborhood sees comfortable and low-cost housing solutions, which have been created to facilitate the incessant flow of students enrolled in the third university of Rome. Moreover, the lively university life has contributed to the creation of bars, restaurants and pubs, that are meeting places not only for young students, but also for tourists and residents. In a so vast and spacious area, full of small neighborhoods with a specific individuality, in an area that is suspended between past and present, between history and modernity, in which precious churches alternate with fascist architecture, it is not difficult to find the housing solution that best suits your needs. This to-be-discovered area is characterized by the art nouveau style public houses, created to redevelop the area and to provide new and modern accommodation to those who requested it, and by pretty studios, like the student apartments and the wonderful panoramic penthouses. In addition to the urban and architectural complex of EUR, in fact, the area hosts the wonderful Church of San Paolo Fuori le Mura, included in the list of World Heritage Sites for UNESCO, the Schuster Park with the memorial for the fallen of Nassiriya , the imperial tombs of the Appia Antica and the great Parco degli Acquedotti, meeting point of the two aqueducts built in Roman times. Living in the San Paolo zone means immersing yourself not only in the lively city nightlife but also living in a place where history, art, culture and religiosity are mixed and that has marked the history of Rome.

Why should you visit San Paolo?
Located in the southern part of the city, San Paolo guarantees rapid access to the city’s airports, is well served by the Rome Metro Line B and can also be reached thanks to the Lazio regional railway, whose reference stop is Rome Ostiense Station. More important, the southern part of Rome, which also includes the San Paolo zone, can also be the ideal starting point to appreciate the lively seaside life of the Lazio coast, discovering the beauties of Fregene, Ostia and Maccarese.
Visiting San Paolo means immersing yourself in the lively and throbbing heart of Rome to learn about trendy bars, very important intellectual and literary clubs.
Deeply loved by the Turkish movie director Ferzan Özpetek, who decided to establish his Italian residence here, the neighborhood was also “photographed” in its splendor thanks to the film “Le fate ignoranti”, directed by Özpetek himself.