Rome neighborhoods: Vatican

The Vatican zone in the city of Rome includes the whole area located on the borders of the Vatican State, which is simply called “Il Borgo”. The zone includes a partly pedestrian-partly residential vast historical area of priceless beauty and culture, which borders the famous San Pietro square to the west, the Tiber river to the east, Prati zone to the north and the more famous Trastevere zone to the South.
Despite many transformations taking place over the years, especially in the first half of the 20th century, “Borgo” still retains its historical value as a vestibule of St. Peter and the Vatican palaces.
Today the zone is a historical and religious symbol of the city of Rome, despite so many wars and invasions putting monuments and streets to a severe test over the centuries. The incessant flow of pilgrims and religious people has never stopped in the Vatican zone, contributing to making the place extremely popular and appreciated. On Sundays, the neighborhood comes alive thanks to many faithful who go on foot to hear the words of the Pope, or those who simply go out for a walk to get a tasty aperitif in one of the many bars in the area.

The architecture of the neighborhood
The houses and buildings of the adjacent area of San Pietro are of extreme architectural beauty and of extreme cultural and real estate value. The urban style is uniformed in colors and structures and the houses often have incredible breath-taking views of the neighborhood. The narrow little streets are partly pedestrianized so residing in the area involves short journeys on foot. However, the entire area is well connected by metro and numerous public transports, so moving by car is not essential.
The buildings often have large windows or large habitable balconies, making St. Peter’s Basilica’s view extremely picturesque especially in summer, when the sunsets over the city have a very special and picturesque charm. The different pedestrian zones have kept their unchanged beauty throughout history. Just think of the famous roman cobblestones “san pietrini”: they are still part of much of the pavement of these streets. This neighborhood is the ideal choice for students and all people who love the comfort of the central zones that are full of attractions and all kinds of shops. The Vatican area is always very lively both at a cultural and commercial level and is therefore the ideal place for those who love to walk around to fully enjoy the rich city opportunities. At the same time, those who love a peaceful and quiet atmosphere can find it in one of the many secluded streets near the Prati zone, where silence reigns and where one can avoid the great chaos of pilgrims arriving in masses during religious celebrations.

The Vatican zone and the tourist offer
Thanks to the historical and cultural beauty of the area, this neighborhood has been the destination of many Italian and foreign tourists throughout the year. The alleys around the Vatican or part of the “Borgo” zone are ideal places to spend some time in close contact with history. Here, the tourist offer is really wide, starting from many restaurants and souvenir shops, to the landlords or Bed & Breakfast. The majestic Via della Conciliazione, which leads to the Basilica of San Pietro, is instead completely different and represents the place of residence for many Italian and foreign bishops.