Rome neighborhoods: Balduina

Within the Trionfale zone, there is the urban area of Balduina. It is part of the 14th Municipality and is located on the southern side of Monte Mario. It boasts 139 meters of height and this makes the Balduina the highest point in the city. Very often the area has been the backdrop for cinematographic and literary works. Nanni Loy in the Husband, the Overtaking by Dino Risi with Vittorio Gassman, Nanni Moretti in “Io sono un autarchico” and many others were the protagonists of films in which the Balduina played an important role. Dante Alighieri in Paradise and Gabriele D’Annunzio described the ridge of the Balduina di Monte Mario. The name of the area originates from the name of the brother of Pope Giulio III del Monte, Baldovino, owner of many lands located on the slopes of Monte Mario. Via della Balduina, dating back to the 16th century, is the oldest street and today it is called Via San Tommaso d’Aquino and connects with Via Trionfale, the most important in the neighborhood. It was the last stop on the Via Francigena that led the pilgrims to the Basilica of San Pietro.
In 1920 the city council voted a resolution to endorse a town-planning convention allowing the development of the area with the construction of small villas. The Town Plan of 1909 had not included the area, concentrating on the important villas and residences of Via Trionfale. In the 1950s specific buildings wanted by the professional cooperatives of journalists, magistrates, officers and ministerial offices started to be built. Through the construction cooperation recognized by the Ministry of Public Works, people benefited from subsidies with mortgages to be extinguished in 35 years, with the consequent closure of the cooperative. The tuff and clay present in that location were used as main materials for the main building. In the 1980s, the zone was transformed, and two cinemas appeared in the area, one of which became the Telemontecarlo studio in the 1990s
The neighborhood lends itself to a relaxed life because it is a suburb with traces of the ancient past and shops that can satisfy the different needs of the population. The environment is more familiar, and relationships are easy to develop. There are many forms of entertainment and a large green area, the natural reserve of Monte Mario, where you can enjoy some fresh air while staying away from the traffic of the city center.
To characterize the Balduina area, there are very large public spaces, as well as the condominium courtyards. Families and students are the main category of inhabitants. The central streets and the Capitoline attractions are easily reached thanks to the good transport network. Many of the shops are family-run and there are street markets with particularly affordable prices. Artisans, tailors and carpenters are very characteristic and, even in this case, their activities are handed down from parents to children.
In the area stands one of the best restaurants in Italy, with a three-star Michelin chef: La Pergola.
The restaurant is located inside the Rome Cavalieri hotel. In the zone, due to the position of Monte Mario, there is the Astronomical Observatory with the annexed Copernican Museum. The Rome meridian passes at the point where the Observatory is located.
The nearest subway is in Lepanto, Prati area, but there are numerous bus lines available to reach the different areas of the capital. In Piazza della Balduina there is the railway station where trains between Rome and Viterbo run. These trains stop in various Roman zones that are served by the local railway line.